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                            Edible Beans (POSTED 08/12 PM)                    
          NAVY GRNO PNTO LRKD TURT                NAVY GRNO PNTO LRKD TURT      
NO_DAKOTA                               KANSAS                              
BUXTON 1  4400      4500      4500      GOODLND T           4200                
CANDO               4300                MORRILL                                 
CLEVELND                                SHARONS T           4200                
DOYON                                   MICHIGAN                              
EGELAND             4300                NEBRASKA                              
FESSENDEN                               ALIANCE T                               
FESSENDNH                               BAYARD                                  
FORDVILLE                               BRIDGPT T                               
HARLOW                                  IMPERIAL                                
LAKOTA T                                IMPERIALT                               
LEEDS                                   MORRILL                                 
MADDOCK H                               SCOTTBLFK                               
NIAGARA                                 MINNESOTA                             
WEBSTER                                 TOLNA                                   
KUNA/MRDN           4500                                                        
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